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Brisbane Bulimba Restaurants

Brisbane, Australia has made the most of its subtropical climate with impressive gardens and plantings. As you glide toward Bulimba on a City Cat ferry, you'll see why the long-established Brisbane area carries the tag as a "leafy suburb" in a "leafy city".

Bulimba restaurants have consolidated their niche on the Brisbane map over the past decade or so. However, Bulimba has a long heritage and much of the dining keeps true to character, as you would expect of a suburb that featured in the history of early Australia.

The main thoroughfare in Bulimba is Oxford Street, which doesn't have the glitz, glitter and glamour of its southern counterpart but still presents an interesting retail cluster as well as its wide selection of Brisbane restaurants.

Brisbane's Bulimba restaurants offer diversity, from Asian cuisine to a spin around Europe and the Mediterranean and down to that popular style known simply as "Australian". Oi, oi, oi!

There is a very active café set in Bulimba, making the most of the wonderfully warm Brisbane weather. You can check out the latest books while sipping on a latte under a tree built right through the centre of a café in the upper end of Oxford Street.

Over the years, restaurants in Brisbane have come a long way. The hospitality workers who trained under the microscopes of international events such as Expo 88, are now among the city's finest food industry entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. They know what fastidious diners require. There also has been an exodus of restaurateurs from Sydney and Melbourne seeking a sea-change. As they established their restaurants, Brisbane has matured into a dining-out paradise.


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